Waterworks Woods

West side of Strawbridge Lake beginning at Kings Highway and the Waterworks

This “oldie but goody” site was set aside many decades ago. Bordering the north bank of the lower lake of the Strawbridge Lake system, from the Waterworks to Nixon Drive, it is an outstandingly appealing, mature woodland. This 20-acre woodland occupies a dissected slope providing semi-isolated pockets and varied textures and views.

Some of the primarily tulip, beech and oak trees reach up to 80′ in height and 40″ in diameter. A large bald cypress tree grows behind the old reservoir. While the tract is primarily upland woodland, there is a substantial presence of lowland woodland scattered throughout along seepage ways and in depressed areas.

Well-trodden paths through the tract attest to continued use by foot traffic. Dilapidated fireplaces suggest the prevalence of picnicking in former days. This Township parkland has served in the past and still serves today as a visual amenity and for buffering, recreational, and protective functions.