Swede Run Fields

Both sides of Westfield Road, between Swede Run and Stanwick Glen on the west side and straddling the creek on the east side

Formerly the Benner Farm, this 130-acre open space is by far the largest chunk of open space in Moorestown. Swede Run Fields is comprised of a sewered 90-acre parcel, zoned R2, west of Westfield Road next to Stanwick Glen and a 40-acre unsewered parcel, zoned R1 on the east side of Westfield Road. The larger parcel has a wooded portion of Swede Run as its boundary. The stream separates Swede Run Fields from the newly constructed Wexford subdivision, the Maybury low/moderate housing site, and Allen’s riding stable and kennels. This open space can be accessed through the 7-acre Stanwick Glen detention basin lot at the end of Ashley Court as well as by Westfield Road.

The smaller, 40-acre parcel is transected by Swede Run and backs up to Moorestown Hunt. A feature of this lot is the old stone shed near a large maple tree along the driveway. As Swede Run traverses the smaller 40-acre parcel, it is bordered by brush wetlands and flood plains. Although generally open in appearance, this open space site provides diverse opportunities for wildlife habitat and a somewhat natural area to enhance the quality of water in Swede Run.

Purchased in 2001 for $7,315,000 by funding from Moorestown Township, Burlington County, and New Jersey Green Acres, the tract is presently being farmed by a local farmer.