Pompeston Park

Along Pompeston Creek from Baker School (on Maple Avenue) to North Riding Drive

This open space is special not only because of its dual roles as a stream and wildlife corridor and as a buffer between residential and industrial zones, but also because of its location in a densely populated part of town. The original 55-acre Green Acres acquisition has gradually grown to 83 acres by means of Township additions. (Pompeston Woods, a 12 acre conservation easement held by STEM, adjoins the northern end of the park.)

The portion of the park on the north side of the creek may be accessed from several points including New Albany Road, the end of Fernwood Road (New Albany Road portion), the corner of West Walnut Avenue and Iron Post Road, the west side of Baker School, the end of Oriole Way, and the end of Georgian Drive.

The south side of the park may be accessed from the ends of Walnut, Lorraine, Stanley and Perry Avenues off North Church Street. It is possible to walk along a blazed trail for the entire length of the park by using stepping stones to cross the Pompeston and reach the downstream portion of the park