Esther Yanai Preserve

Garwood Road, near Albury Court, straddling Swede Run

This beautiful 34-acre property with high environmental value and low development potential was finally preserved as a Moorestown Open Space in October 2004, following an unusually long acquisition process. This property has been named in honor of Esther Yanai, a founding member of STEM.

The site is primarily wetlands, even including some vernal pools. A short trail leads from the culvert to Swede Run, which with its broad flood plain meanders through this property. The preserve is a key portion of one of the largest wooded areas in Moorestown, comparable in size to South Valley Woods; as such, it is a valuable wildlife habitat.

STEM contributed $50,000, a major portion of its fund-raising proceeds, toward the $390,000 purchase cost of this tract. The remaining funds came from Moorestown Township, Burlington County, and New Jersey Green Acres.