STEM Outreach to the Community

Annual community events such as STEM Steps Out (SSO), the plant sale, and the photo contest introduce residents to the value of preserved open spaces in Moorestown. STEM hosts environmental events for the public presents educational programs, encourages eco-friendly development and ideas, promotes water quality awareness and stewardship, and offers a range of activities for citizens to help save the environment of Moorestown.

In 2007-2008, STEM was responsible for inspiring and organizing many community volunteers to install storm drain markers on virtually every storm drain in town, a state-mandated project. Moorestown saved the township the costs of having the public works employees to do this job. The activity educated many members of the community on the importance of keeping storm drains clear of anything but water.

By giving tours of Moorestown’s open spaces such as Wigmore Acres, Little Woods, and Pompeston Park, STEM hopes to achieve the important goal of encouraging residents to take an active role in caring for Moorestown’s natural areas. Residents gain a greater familiarity with open space sites in Moorestown and understand why their help is so vitally needed to maintain these precious community investments.