Annual Photo Contest

STEM 2015 Nature Photo Winners-page-001


Take out your camera and collect your favorite shots for STEM’s annual photo contest of NATURE IN MOORESTOWN! The contest is intended to develop appreciation for the remaining natural areas in our township—the woods, wetlands, and wildlife. We are looking for entries from photographers of all ages; judging will be divided between adults and under-16 age groups.To qualify, the photos must be taken in Moorestown, and the subjects should be predominately natural as opposed to manmade. Up to four prints, no larger than 5” X 7”, may be submitted. Digital editing and adjustment are allowed, except for photo montages (combining or moving image).

The prints will be judged at STEM’s annual picnic in June. All entrants are invited to bring entries to the picnic, or they may be mailed to STEM, PO Box 704, Moorestown, NJ 08057.

Entries must have the following information written on the back of each photo: title of picture; name, address, age, and phone number of photographer; location of photo; month and year of photo; arrow pointing to the top of the picture. All prints submitted will become the property of STEM for non-commercial use in educational and promotional materials. For more information, please call Bill Creekmore at 856-461-8717.