Litter Patrol

STEM’s Litter Patrol was instituted in 2004. Its members are dedicated to maintaining a cleaner, healthier Moorestown. These volunteers strive to clean up our neighborhoods by removing litter from streets, sidewalks, and natural areas in town not only for appearance’s sake but also to prevent litter from flowing from storm drains to waterways, where trash reduces water quality and is hazardous to wildlife.

Preventive measures such as education, reminders, and threats of fines may stem some litter, but there is always more that appears. Picking up litter for disposal or recycling proves to be the most direct and effective way to deal with it. The Litter Patrol sets no times or routes; members agree to carry a bag to contain litter they come across when they are out of doors. At times, small groups may meet to clean up a particular area. It usually takes only a few minutes to make a littered area look attractive again.

To help improve the look and well-being of Moorestown and to burn some calories, carry a bag and go for a walk! Grabbers and other supplies are available for site cleanups, and Litter Patrol badges are available for those who would like to wear one.